What is the Wizarding Camp Fort Newton?

Wizarding Camp Fort Newton.

The Northwest Florida Highland Pagan Community; (unincorporated), came in to being on February 14th, 2009, When Pagan Pan-Magickal Minister, Lazaro Rodriguez, and, Healer, ( Lightworker), Jeremiah Newton, met for the very first time.

   Belief in magick is still to this day considered; the realm of "science fiction", and "superstition"!Through a series of unfortunate events; and very noticeable series of, "coincidences", the magicians, Lazaro Rodriguez, and Jeremiah Newton created the Wizarding Camp.

   This was done in order to worship and live a  Pagan, Pan-Magickal lifestyle without persecution. This camp is unique to this area. Spars, this area in composes five counties in the Northwest Florida, Panhandle Region. This little Pagan, Pan-Magickal camp, has been it's magickal heart for almost a decade.

    All paths have been free to worship at this little magickal jewel in the middle of nowhere.

The arrival at Camp Fort Newton.(04 - 12 - 2010):                                  

Jeremiah and Lazaro said goodbye to living in town among the Mundane.


After living in Marianna among Mundanes; the pair of magicians decided to experiment, and experience what it was like to live off the grid. Many lessons to be learned, and experiences to be gained.

Campers and Pilgrims.

In time the founders of the Wizarding Camp; Lazaro Rodriguez and Jeremiah Newton, met more Pan-Magickal practitioners and invited them to celebrate the wheel of the year, in the sacred grove, and Wizarding Camp Fort Newton was born.

Love, Fellowship, and Magick.

  Through providence by donation of land, the magicians Jeremiah Newton, and Lazaro Rodriguez, along with initial campers, Jaime Wood, and Danielle Jeffries began to Conjure up the idea of a Pan-Magickal campsite.

The Wizarding Camp Fort Newton was once the location of a "game" preparation site. Though in desperate need of repair, some parts of the original fort still stand today.

Construction materials used in the building of the original fort were left over cypress planks, from the Metcalf farmhouse, nearly one hundred years old.

The first wave.

The first wave of Pan-Magickal pilgrims came around the Fall of 2011.

Through word of mouth, by the following Fall, the Pan Magickal visitors to the Wizarding Camp Fort Newton, had swollen to nineteen souls.  That doesn't sound like much, but for a remote region of Florida, predominantly Christian, and reliant on social media, those numbers were amazing.

The following Spring, of 2012, Pilgrims numbered around thirty. Campers came as far as South Florida. Oakenvalehall: Camp Fort Newtons web presence (2011).

        Created by Jamie Wood, and Jeremiah Newton. Originally administrated by Jaime Wood. The original concept has been lost for years. In time, Camp Fort Newton's web presence on Facebook, Oakenvalehall, became an online forum followed by thousands

: Camps divided: Neophyte indifference, jealousy, competitiveness to much allure for the darkness. Ignorance of unity.

The kerfuffle at Camp. (Darkling )

(2012Jaime vs Danielle)                                                

The day of the disagreement: The ride to and from, Out on a Whim :

The agreement :( by senior OCO members)

Expulsion of malicious spell works from camp: better protocol: excommunication for unethical use of the Magickal Arts: Weariness of darklings: About this subject between L and J.                           Witch bottles and her hex breaking. The day founders drew the line in the sand against baneful and blood magick. Putting personal Pan-Magickal worldview into perspective.      

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Gabby Canary Feather Song.   ( 2011)                                             

  Unitarian Statements: LGBT Alliance: Social Justice Warriors: The Giantess, Gabby Canary Feather Song.                                                             

The Stone Circle.

     On February 2nd, 2013, magickal arts practitioners Lazaro Rodriguez, and Jeremiah Newton began the construction of the stone circle, a solar observatory, lovingly called, the Temple of Gaia. Divided into two sections, with a circumference of 25ft, the stone circle has four quarter stones weighing in at, four, to five hundred pounds each. The stones are made of granite and were collected from around the region. Construction took approximately one year to complete.  

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The Fledgling Weekly Owl, (2014).

 (filling in the gaps) GabbyCFS. Down and dirty. All lives matter.    

The importance of fellowship.

Learning to let go of members who express undesirable characteristics. Hard Knox Life, (first-hand experience with life-style Pagans, umbrella term), and Warlocks. The meaning of the Left-Hand Path.

Pagans of this area are very elusive. Some "Pagans", (umbrella term), of this region, refuse to join any legitimate Organization. Some claim, they were here long before the CoG, and PFI, or any other social organizations. The rest of the; Pagan, Pan-Magickal folk, which includes, but is not limited to, the Emerald Coast Pagan Community, (E. C. P. C.),: Pensacola, Triple Moon Wiccan Grove, Northern Alabama Pagan, The Wiregrass Pagan Community. These other members of this society, are involved in their physical Pagan, Pan-Magickal Communities.

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