The Weekly Owl Newsletter 2017

The Rise of Kek.

Witches around the World Unite to Bind President Donald Trump.


(02-24-2017, 03-26-2017)

Lead by artist Lana Delray, Madonna,

The call to action on social media, and the vow to bind consecutively, every Waining Crescent until The president Donald Trump, leader of the free World is deposed.

The Call to Action For Magickal Emancipation



The Imperator of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn through social media creates a call to action for Magickal Emancipation in providing protection against the coordinated mass binding.

Coordination with Order of Taurus, Order of the Crimson Owl, in conjunction with the Weekly Owl Newsletter, and other alternative media outlets. All social media was a buzz. Christians responded, reacted with countermeasures. Christian Zealot Josh R. Inciting anger two million followers. He covers his tracks but hecklers have videos of him calling for violence.

Post - Rise of Kek,

A brief history of the 4Chan Cult.

The Alt-Right, and the connection with the President of the United States Donald Trump.

War on the Media.

You really have to admire how these dark magicians, and Friends, created, coordinated, and executed this social media call to action, which has caught the eye of mundane media.

Created by Lazaro Rodriguez