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The Weekly Owl Newsletter on Facebook, is an International social news branch for  SPPPEUMA, (society for the protection, preservation and promotion of the ethical use of the magickal arts). The Weekly Owl Newsletter on Facebook, is a free internet tool designed, to assist you by enhancing your Pagan, Pan-Magickal outlook, and enriching your Pagan world view and Pan-Magickal world experience. Pagan, Pan-Magickal Minister, Lazaro Rodriguez is the current head of the Weekly Owl Newsletter and publisher.

Currently, the Weekly Owl Newsletter has one junior editor. The newsletter was created in order to fill a gap lacking in all Web based Pan-Magickal news organizations. Since 2011, this Newsletter has helped remove half a dozen Witch Hunting groups on social media, which promotes violence towards Pagan, Pan-Magickal Communities.

It is free, no sugar coated news that matters. The Weekly Owl Newsletter on Facebook also serves as the communications hub of;the Society for the Protection, Preservation, and Promotion of  the Ethical Use of the Magickal Arts,and it's surrounding Pan - Magickal Communities.

Bringing you Local, Regional, National, and International Pan - Magickal news.        

2016 /2017 Presidential Election Announcement.

On November 8th the Weekly Owl Newsletter on Facebook announced the winner of the 2016 United States Presidential Election. The  45th President of the United States of America , Donald Trump has now entered the White House.                

:The Weekly Owl Newsletter's beginnings 2011

The Weekly Owl Newsletter was founded by Gabby Canary Feather Song, as a just for fun project on the Facebook page, Oakenvalehall, created by Jaime Wood was a sister page of the Weekly Owl Newsletter on Facebook.

2015 Amateur Journaling: Investigating American Council of Witches.

Around November of 2015; Pagan, Pan-Magickal Minister, Lazaro Rodriguez, enlisted the journalistic help of Gabby Canary Feather Song, in researching the reasons why, so many attempts to bring back the American Council of Witches had failed. This was at the end of Kay Berry's attempt at jump - starting The American Council of Witches.

Expand on the military and the chaplains👆 handbook.

Following the bread crumbs.

Joint investigative efforts by; Pagan, Pan-Magickal Minister, Lazaro Rodriguez, Jeremiah Newton,

And Gabby Canary Feather Song, led to the conclusion that, a small group of very loud Pagan, Pan-Magickal folks, who involved themselves in discordant activities.

These activities included,bullying, harassment, stalking anyone involved in the resurrection of the American Council of Witches, and proclaiming to speak for all Pagans, and Pan-Magickal folks around the world.

As part of the investigation, members of the fledgling Weekly Owl Newsletter began posting a simple survey in multiple groups on and off social media.

(Here is a copy posted on the group, American Council of Witches Pagans and Freinds on Facebook)

Survey sample👇

The Weekly Owl on Facebook, was recreated by Pagan, Pan- Magickal Minister, Lazaro Rodriguez during the early days of the Wizarding Camp Fort Newton. Oakenvale Hall was a share page on Facebook, by Jaime Wood, the original  creator, and administrator of Oakenvalehall. At this point, The Weekly Owl Newsletter was a fledgling idea by the Glamazon Giantess, Gabby Canary Feather Song.                                                                                             

November 8th 2016 The Weekly Owl Newsletter on Facebook announced this morning that the 45th President elect is Donald Trump,who won the electoral votes.                                          

The Weekly Owl Newsletter's Society Notes for the month of January 2017. 👇video format.

Council of American Witches.

In 2014; The Weekly Owl Newsletter became a sister page, under the name, Gabby Canary Feather Song, of The original Oakenvalehall on Facebook.  Oakenvalehall was managed by the original members of the Pythian Knights Club, Order of the Crimson Owl.

The decision to go public. (2015)

Member of the press.

Several founding members become Ordained Ministers through Universal Life and register as members of the press.

The hornet's nest!

(Facebook Snark Group, The Voice of Pagans and Witches - a true venting platform).

This is where the stalking, harassment, bullying, and threats started. After a brief attempt at apologies, and disengagement, the threat campaign followed Pagan, Pan-Magickal Minister Lazaro Rodriguez, and Gabby Canary Feather Song back to their own social media sites.

After several methods, and different ways to fend this group of online bullies off of members of, Oakenvalehall, And The fledgling Weekly Owl Newsletter which failed, our group's social media page was removed because of name technicality.

Hard lessons learned well.

Founding members lost a crucial aspect of its social presence, but Pagan, Pan-Magickal Minister Lazaro Rodriguez was determined to seek justice! After short break members of the Weekly Owl Newsletter reviewed all information collected and began new plans for the media outlet.

New strategies were created and a new system of fact-finding was established, along with procedures and personal ethics.

Social Justice Warriors.

The almost seven foot tall Gabby Canary Feather Song; by construct is an LGBT activist, Along with Lazaro Rodriguez, and Jeremiah Newton, invoked justice in the name of Athena, giving birth to the Weekly Owl Newsletter at present.

Going public.

Warning the online Pagan Community about an online watchdog group (PAP) - Pagans Against Plagiarism.

Administrators and members of this elite group of "big name Pagans" were involved in the active online mob bullying to members of the Weekly Owl Newsletter on Facebook.

Violent reactions to the name American Council of Witches.

During the campaign of misinformation by the Watchdog group and attempts to tell the public the truth, by members of the Weekly Owl Newsletter, one thing became clear. This watchdog group wanted to shut down any talks about the American Council of Witches. The threat of violence.

According to investigations conducted by the Weekly Owl Newsletter, two-thirds of the Pagan Pan-Magickal Society in America knew nothing about the American Council of Witches. It also became evident that this powerful group wanted this information under their narrative for the purpose of notoriety, fame and other nefarious reasons.

At this point member of the Weekly Owl Newsletter on Facebook were being threatened by the pain of death if we did not drop it, as this watchdog group would say. (administrators of Pagans Against Plagiarism, and The Voice of Pagans and Witches - a true venting platform, we're also connected to and are members of Pagans and Witches for spiritual responsibility). Note: All information given is public information.

After a break and reorganization, the Weekly Owl Newsletter was back.

Wardens of the free Pagan, Pan-Magickal Press. - November 2015

(The right to assemble and call yourself whatever you want)

Accusations of Plagiarism abound yet we are still here.

  Facebook page with the name, American Council of Witches. - April 4th, 2016.

The first official story as a Pagan Pan-Magickal newsletter.

Around late February, a source of the Weekly Owl Newsletter informed that a newly formed Facebook page bore the name American Council of Witches. Investigations and coordinated efforts gave us the name of the proprietor of the page, and a dialog began with the owner. Members of the Weekly Owl Newsletter warned the owner of the page that he was opening a can of worms and, soon, members of an elitist watchdog group would soon catch the wind and come down upon him like a swarm of angry hornets.

     After failing to get the message through to the owner of the page, and the refusal to change the name for his benefit, the owner, because of familial connections to the original Council of Witches, members decided to stand guard.

The Accord. The creation of the Pythian Knights Club as guardian of the Weekly Owl Newsletter.

Pagan, Pan-Magickal Minister Lazaro Rodriguez engaged in advising the owner of the Page.

(In this part, I will mention the parade of ugly with a whole lot of stupid that came that way.

Notable mentions: BNP Became involved in the banter of bashing and demanding answers for the use of the name.

The Weekly Owl Newsletter, Proclaimed to stand with Standing Rock. July 2016.

The Weekly Owl Newsletter began sharing and showing support for any postings on social media platforms, of this historic standoff between the Sacred Stone Camp water protectors of Native American culture, and DAPL,

Extra admins added. September 2016

(ask gypsy Jean) - Pagans Near Pensacola. Rebecca Dominguez.

YouTube format for the Weekly Owl Newsletter. October 31st, 2016.

Pythian Knight's Club Order of the Crimson Owl logo.

Created by Pagan, Pan-Magickal Minister Lazaro Rodriguez on April 30th, 2016.Pythian Knights, established April 4th, 2016.

Mentioned by Pagan Press - (April 4th, 2016). The lies of Jason Mankey, head of Patheos Pagan. Conflict with the editors of the Weekly Owl Newsletter.

Link to lying article by Patheos.

Expanded to YouTube.

Created by Lazaro Rodriguez