Society for the Protection Preservation and Promotion of Ethical Use of the Magickal Arts

The Society for the Protection Preservation and Promotion of Ethical Use of the Magickal Arts.

Standing Together For a Just, Peaceful, & Verdant Pagan, Pan-Magickal Society.

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M. E. D. U. S. A. - Magickal Ethics Defense USA.

Learn more about M. E. D. U. S. A and the group's role in helping keep social media healthy and friendly!Visit the M. E. D. U. S. A. page of this website.

The Weekly Owl Newsletter on Facebook is a social media branch of the Society for the Protection, Preservation, and Promotion of Ethical Use of the Magickal Arts.

Don't forget to watch us on the Lazaro Rodriguez YouTube channel's Weekly Owl Newsletter's Society Notes. For the latest video on Society news, visit the Weekly Owl Newsletter's main page on this website.

The Weekly Owl Newsletter on Facebook covering Witches Ball in the United States since 2015. Tickets, locations, dates, and more!

The Weekly Owl Newsletter covers the Witches Ball season for dates, locations, and ticket sales information in the US. This tradition was started by the Pythian Knight's Club during the early days of the original Oakenvalehall on Facebook. 2010-11-08-2015.

A New Concept of Pagan, Pan-Magickal, International news that matters.

Reorganized; reinvented, & rejuvenated. The Weekly Owl Newsletter emerged from the flames of What was the original Oakenvalehall. Newer, and better than ever! Determined not to be silent. Determined to be heard.

   For more information about the Weekly Owl Newsletter's beginnings, visit the Weekly Owl Newsletter's main page on this website. Society news, and more!

Magick Of Democracy!

If you envision and yearn to participate in a Democratic, Magickal Arts Society that is not exclusive yet continues to represent the North American Magickal Society, then this is your website!

     As we move forward into the 21st century; with the goal of recutting the " Golden Rule " for those who practice the Magickal Arts. A no dogmatic approach, with a strong desire to retain a sense of community ethics, can be hard, but together, I know we can find a way.

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MEDUSA - Magickal Ethics Defense USA.

MEDUSA is comprised of members of the Pythian Knights Club Order of Crimson Owl.

MEDUSA is strictly online based.

Advocating, for the Ethical Use of the Magickal Arts, and for the purpose of eradicating online bullying. For more information about MEDUSA, please visit the MEDUSA page on this website.


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Society for the Protection, Preservation, and Promotion of Ethical Use of the Magickal Arts                             (SPPPEUMA)          

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Pictures on this page's wall are pictures taken or submitted by members of  SPPPEUMA. These pictures are not permanent and are changed frequently. 👇

Pictures on this pages wall are pictures taken or submitted by members of  SPPPEUMA. These pictures are not permanent, and are changed frequently.


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