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Membership to join this society is free.    Community feed back is always welcome. The Society for the Protection Preservation and Promotion of the Ethical Use of the Magickal Arts, does not discriminate against any Pan-Magickal  "Pagan",(umbrella term), or any other Earth Centered Religions /Paths. This Society welcomes members with disabilities, minorities, and, LGBT Community members. Discrimination of the above for - mentioned, in anyway shape or form is not tolerated.                                                           Subscribe to the Lazaro Rodriguez YouTube channel. Catch every day, behind the scenes of the, Pagan, Pan-Magickal folk of the Emerald Coast. The web series, Wizards of the Emerald Coast is a fan fiction/surreal take on the real lives of the Pagan, Pan-Magickal  community of the Emerald Coast. Presented by ;Lazaro Rodriguez, Jeremiah Newton, the infamous giantess, Gabby Canary Feather Song. Follow this group of mischievous,and fun, Pagan, Pan-Magickal folks, as they traips around the Emerald Coast, the Northwest Florida Highland Pagan Community, the Wiregrass Region and beyond. Lazaro Rodriguez YouTube channel on Facebook.             

Created by Lazaro Rodriguez