Pagan, Pan-Magickal Society For The Protection Preservation and Promotion of Ethical Use of the Magickal Arts


As the Society grows Community guidelines may be subject to change.

If any member of the society has a question or would like to become involved in policy-making decisions, get in touch with us on the, contact us page of this website.

What is it that we stand for?

#What do we want to accomplish?

#Are we inclusive?

#Is there a disclaimer, (Claus) in the inclusiveness of this society?

# How does this society plan on integrating other groups to this society matrix?

These are all good questions and administrators of the Pythian Knight's Club are currently working on the integration of other groups, and always searching for new ideas and peaceful ways to come together.

#With a desire to reach out to other communities in the hopes of developing a dialog, open communications with many for the purpose of exploration, finding common terms commonality. Ideologies strategies, formulas for success.

#For the promulgation of a safer, healthier online, Neo-Pagan, Pan-Magickal Society and as guidelines for your immediate community.

#Power, Law, Unity, and Knowledge

Standing on the side of Justice. Advocating for unity in a world divided.

Through communication, and a

desire to find common ground shared responsibility, and shared vision. Understanding ,and knowledge for a new age.

This Society derives inspiration for its customs from what is known of the spiritual ideologies of the pre-Christian societies which seek to understand the practices of the past,—whether through direct evidence or the work of,

reconstruction—, and draw forth from them values and customs that are both meaningful for modern people, in a multicultural, multilingual speaking society, and respectful of the cultures of the ancient practitioners of the magickal arts.

    This society is Polytheistic, Pan-Magic(k)-all. This Society recognizes that magic(k), in its many forms does not belong to any one group, culture, race or Religion. All are welcome!

     It is a community for those who have found importance in their lives for many gods or spirits. Respectful disagreement about the ultimate nature of the deities is welcome in the activities of this society but not the assertion that one God or Goddess is superior to all others and must be recognized as such by all.

  This society is unreservedly Neo-pagan in that it does not seek to recreate the societies of the past (only drawing inspiration from), nor to operate their religious cults.

    This society fully embraces the use of the term "Pagan” and also embraces the responsibilities attendant on its place outside the mainstream

religious communities of America—in terms of both the fertile dialogue that is created with the

mainstream and the challenge to avoid marginalization by accepting a term that carries the connotation of status as “outsider.”

  This society asserts its identity as a social group and is not recognized by the federal government of the United State, defines the term and claims its place as an equal to the other churches and faith communities of

America, and will defend its right to equal treatment as such with vigor.

This society encourages an atmosphere of tolerance and acceptance of diversity within its community.

This society asserts that every human being has inherent worth and seeks to protect the right for each person, to seek the fullest expression of that worthwhile, respecting the rights of others to do the same.

This society rejects discrimination by racial identity, gender, or sexual preference, and any other creed or practice which would seek to elevate one class of person above another merely by virtue of identity.

Created by Lazaro Rodriguez