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         The Pythian Knights Club Disclaimer :     

This version of the Pythian Knights is loosely based on the Ancient Greek telling, of an Athenian order of Knights, (Parthenos Athena), founded by the hero Perseus, who was on a quest to kill the Gorgon Medusa. The Pythian  Knight's Club is a none charitable group. We are privately funded and administrated.

We are not associated with the Knights of Pythias a fraternal organization, and secret society founded on, February 19, 1868.   The Pythian Knight's Club was founded on the principles of a Pagan, Pan-Magickal Society, which will protect, preserve, and promote the ethical use of the magickal arts. (Order of the Crimson Owl logo)


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#What is the Order of the Crimson Owl? 

#What is the Wizarding Camp Fort Newton?

The Order of the Crimson Owl:

The Order of the Crimson Owl,(OCO), is a private Pan - Magickal order, comprised of members of the Pythian Knight's Club. Specific members of the Pythian Knight's Club who are in the (OCO), meet a list of criteria established by the order.

#The Pythian Knights:

The Pythian Knights are nominated by a body of peers, and then accept the nomination for knighthood into a specific order. Founders of the Pythian Knights Club, (OCO) chapter, encourages Pythian Knights Club members to establish their own orders. afterward, joining other members of the Pythian knights Club, (Local, Regional, National, and International), on S. P. P. P. E. U. M. A. social media group branch of Facebook.Links are available on the Contact us tab.

Pythian Knights are honor bound to specific oaths, which includes, but are not limited to, the protection, promotion, and preservation of higher, universal ethical standards of the Magickal Arts.

        Headquarters of the OCO, (Pythian Knight chapter), is located at the Wizarding Camp Fort Newton, deep in the vast wilderness expanse of the Northwest Florida Region.

The (OCO) Chapter of the Pythian Knights Club:                                

The (OCO), Order of the Crimson Owl was established on November 20th, 2015, as a unified front against the threat of the illegal, self-proclaimed, self-appointed watchdog group,( PAP). Pagans against Plagiarism.The (OCO) Chapter of the Pythian knight's membership is comprised of those who helped during the 2015 - 2016 American Council of Witches Facebook page skirmishes.

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